Online marketing

What Is Marketing???

“Marketing is all about good communication”.

It’s not about trying to be a digital marketer.Digital marketing is more about marketing,If you are good communicator then you probably must be good marketer.If can not converse 1:1,then you can not converse 1:many.when you are writing something to your customer then make them feel that you are talking with him only.

Communication is  a skill and you need to develop it.You will develop it when you will practice more and more.

Digital Marketing is not just about Content, It’s all about how you communicate and whom you communicat

What Is Digital Marketing???

The technique of Driving Customer For a Business via Online and Digital medium is Called “Digital Marketing
Email marketing,Social Media,Content Marketing,Mobile marketing etc are examples of digital marketing.Digital marketing is more compare if you Compare to traditional marketing like magazine ads,Tv ads,newspaper and many more
That’s Why digital marketing Experts are in High Demand.

Why Digital marketing is High In demand???

Now A days people are using Facebook, youtube, instagram etc.
Instead Of reading newspaper they read blog,Instead of watching tv they watch Blog.Now people consume content via facebook,instagram,twitter etc

People discover news on Facebook.This change in consumer Behavior leads digital marketing In high Demand.We have to advertise where most of people  hang out.Reports Itself says India has second Highest Number Of internet User After China.

What Is the Opportunity In Digital Marketing??

With is You can Do personal branding.It helps in Job and entrepreneurship.You can help other companies as Freelancer ,consultant and as an employee.You can Build your own Business with the knowledge of digital marketing.

Jobs In Digital Marketing in India:

Thousand of companies Looking for Digital marketing Excerpt in the market.
Digital marketing Jobs are the highest paying Jobs in the industry now a days.

If you Search Digital marketing manager post in linked-in or you will get more than 5000 jobs in all over India.
For Freshers the salary may vary 3.6 lakhs to 5 lakhs per year.For 5 -10 year experience salary ranges from 12-20 lakhs per Year.For more than 10 year experience 20 to 50 Lakhs per year.

There are Various facts of Digital marketing.

  1. Website:-

Website considered as a face of your business or blog or Brand.You web site must be more Attractive, informative and mobile friendly.With out Website it is difficult to play a long inning in digital marketing.

2.Start your own blog:-

Blog means simple show case of your talent,expertise.Blogging will help you to learn Digital marketing while developing your blog.Through this blogging journey you will lean how to optimize your website accordingly to user’s behavior ,Email marketing,google ads,Facebook ads,SEO.

3.Create Social media Presence:-

Consider Social media presence/Social media marketing as an important part of your Digital marketing career.You have to learn how to create social media presence by using social media tools and these tools will help you to build reputation and relationship with your targeted customer.

Some examples of Social media Tools are “Facebook”,”Instagram”,”Linkedin”,”Google academy”.

4-Learn Different terminology:

learn what is PPC,CPC,ECPC,EVCPM,Traffic,Session,bounce rate and Metrics.All those term are related to Digital marketing.

5-Learn SEO:-

Get the blog indexed on Google search engine and get some traffic to your blog.Do keyword research and post a good quality content and then create back links.these are the key facts for SEO.

Main parts of SEO-

  1. On page aSEO
  2. Off page SEO
  3. On site SEO

On Site/Technical SEO:-

  • Domain name
  • page speed
  • Site design
  • SSL certifiacte
  • mobile Friendly website.

On page SEO:-

  • Qulaity content
  • Optimizing keyword
  • Light image with Alt text
  • Short URL

Off page SEO:- Quality back link will boost your website ranking in google search engine.

Back link is the most important factor if we discuss on how to rank on google search engine.Back link simply means getting refereed by other websites.

Tools Required To get a good Digital marketing jobs:-


2-Social media Marketing:-

Create a Facebook page and get some follower and share your blog article on your Social media.

3-Web analytics:-

Sign up for google analytics account ,paste the tracking code on your blog and tack the traffic that you get on your blog

Learn How to start a Blog and Earn $1000 in 2020(Know From Scratch)

4-Email marketing:-

However email marketing is a part of Integrated digital marketing and considered as the most effective tool for digital marketing.You can use this tool to promote your service and product.

go ahead and sign up for a mail chimp account.Add a subscriber box on your website and start collecting email subscriber and send email to your Subscriber

Above all these tools will help you in getting a job.Show your talent to the hiring manager ,show your blog post(your project).because without knowledge of execution you will not get a job in this industry.

5-Affiliate Marketing:-

If you are asking me that what is the best way to income more money in indian marketing,then I will definitely say this is Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a part of Digital marketing.

Know about Integrated Digital marketing:-

Content -which is the central piece of marketing .Good content attracts more attraction.

content is the foundation of communication.

3 things to Create Quality and unique Content:-

1-Expertise:-Believe me, without expertise ,you are unable to make good content.

  • you must have focus on one niches and develop expertise to get success in digital marketing

way to develop expertise:-study day and night about your niches from you tube,google,blogs,books etc.

  • Get real life experience with what you have will give you ideas and thought that you never imagine

2-Benefits of developing expertise:-It becomes easy to write content.

  • Everything will be orignal
  • No need to research from different website.
  • content quality will be good.
  • You can launch you own book,course or services.
  • you can be a influencer.

3-Habits of writing:-

Read and write a lot(30 min reading and 500 word writing in a day)

Expertise +writing habit=Exponential content.

What is content marketing:

Content marketing is Strategic marketing and business process focused on creating and Distributing
valuable relevant consistence content.
This Content is meant to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately
drive profitable customer action.

From this long boring text book answer,There are few keyword which is valuable and brings out the essence of content marketing.
Valuable,relevant and consistence.Your always need to deliver value and you have to do it consistently. If you will not do it your competitors will do it.
and you have to delver value which is relevant to the problems of your users

Why you are doing this??

You are doing this to attract a clearly defined audience.
content marketing not about to drive anyone and everyone,you should design you content in such a way that it will.

Why you need Content marketing :

Content marketing is basically lubricates the process of prospect going for discover your brand after becoming your customer
it helps to build relationship with your customer.once your build this relationship with your audience it will help audience to build trust on you.Trust is the only currency that works out in the market.attract certain clearly defined audience.who will ultimately be your customer by buying your product.
content marketing is a very integral part of any of your marketing activity.