SEO is the most important term in digital marketing.You have to boost SEO in your WordPress website to improve ranking in search engines.

WordPress is a platform which allows you to build a website with out coading and can write content with out coding.

WordPress provides so many features and themes where you can design and optimize your website according to your need.

In this article ,i am going to tell some best way to improve SEO on your WordPress website.In this article ,the information is for WordPress website.

Best way to improve SEO on your WordPress website

1-Choose good hosting

your technical SEO is totally depend upon your hosting and theme.In SEO there are two type set up such as

1-One time set up
2-Repeated set up(You have to do SEO for every new post)

Hosting and theme comes under one time set up process.When ever you buy hosting and theme,obhviously it will be validate for one year.A good hosting and theme helps you to score a good in technical SEO.

Let’s explore the factors of technical SEO which is going to cover by a good hosting

  • SSL certificate
  • website speed
  • security
  • https status
  • mobile friendly

Above factors which are covered by a good hosting.That’s why hosting is the base of SEO.As we are discussed about WordPress website.So must buy a WordPress dedicated hosting.

Hosting that i recommend is HOSTINGER,I personally use hostinger in my website.Hostinger is the most relaible and cheap hosting

2-Buy a SEO friendly theme

Theme is also an important factor for SEO.A good WordPress/Schema optimized theme will increase your page speed and page load speed is an important factor for on page SEO.

You will find thousands of free theme in WordPress.But i suggest go for a premium theme,because there you will get more features ,where you can design your website according to your need.

I recommend Affiliate booster theme,which is WordPress and schema optimized theme.At the time of buying theme for my website ,i researched a lot, and lastly i found Affiliate booster theme.

Although you will get lot’s of theme in WordPress ,but not all those theme are SEO friendly.There are some criteria to check either that theme is SEO friendly or not.If that theme loaded with heavy HTML coding,then unnessearily it will drecrease your page load time.

why i recommend Affiliate booster theme, because i have already wasted 2 year by chooding wrong theme for my website and i was also spent time in researchig is good theme for my website.

that’s why i recommend affiliate booster theme, i don’t want ,that you also waste your time/money by choosing wrong theme.

You can aslo check Affiliate booster theme review for more clarity.

3-Install a good SEO plugin

There are two famous SEO plugin such as rank math and yoast SEO.You must have to install and active one of them.I use rank math SEO plugin for my website.Both of these SEO plugins are free.

These SEO plugins are not to optimize your website.These plugins will help you in your on page SEO.It will guide you step by step to score a good on page SEO.

Rank math and yoast SEO will guide you in which field you have to improve to increase your on page SEO score.That’s why SEO plugin is must before your start optimizing your website.

In that above picture,you can see the marked area,in which area i need to work to increase on page score.This is tha way rank math guide you to increase your on page SEO score.

4-Set up SEO frienldy permalink

SEO friendly permalink is improtant for your SEO.Your permalink should be small.Long URL is not SEO friendly in nature.

You have just click on post name in permalink.It means your website URL will show this type “”. This type of URL is user frienldy in nature.

You have click on Setting->permalink->post name,you permalink is now Seo friendly.

5-make your Website crawlable

your website is useless ,if your website is not crawlable by google.If you click that button ,then your website is not visible for google.

Always keep unclick that button.

6-Add your Website in Search console

You have to verify your domain and website property in google search you can track your website impressions.It helps you in troubleshooting problems to make your site google frienldy.

Here You can analyse your traget keyword and in which keyword your visitors enters your website so that you can focus on that keyword deeply.

To verify your domain name in google search console ,just go to google search console->put your domain name->Put that code in header file of your theme->It will take max 24 hr to verify your domain.

To put that code in your hrader file go to WordPress dashboard->Appearance->Theme editor->click on head.php->update file.

7-Set up your WordPress address

You have to do some basic thing in your WordPress website.Make your website URL https instead of http.To force https ,you have to intsall SSL certificate in your WordPress website.

Hostinger provides inbuild SSL certifcate in their service.HTTPS tell your visitors that your website safe and your visitors data will not be stolen if they visit this website.

For security ,HTTPS is must for your website,.Google also downgrade your website ,if SSL certificate is not installed in your hosting.


Happy learning!!!
WordPress is one of the famous SEO friendly platform,where you will get lot’s of plugin,which makes your work easy.
By following above steps ,your WordPress is webiste ready to optimize.You can now start otpimize your content for better ranking.
Above 7 WordPress SEO tips will make your WordPress website google friendly.
Hope You really enjoy this article.
Thank you!