Social media marketing

What is meant by social media marketing

If i describe Social media marketing in simple word then Social media is a platfrom where we promote our services and product.

Social media marketing is a form of marketing where you promot your product, articles and services in social media.You can drive visitors in terms of posting images,video,good articles etc.

We promote our services and product in facebook, Instagrame,Linkedin ,quora etc.This type of marketing is called Social media marketing.

Basically social media marketing is the most effective platfrom to promote your services as you can able to target your customer specifically.

In this process you have to post good and quality content on your social media platform and start running your advertisements.

Good and quality content will engage your follower which ultimately increase your conversion rate.

Social media marketing

What are some examples of Social media marketing

Here i providing some exapmples of Social media marketing.


Instamojo is a payment platform.If you go to their Facebook page,you will observe what type of content they are posting.


2-Digital Marketing today:-

Digital marketing today which promots Digital marketing related content.

You can visit this page through below link

Digital marketing today


Sparkblogger also promote digital marketing related content.

You can visit Sparkblogger through this link


Why social media marketing is Important?

Research shows From starting of 2021,the number of social media user is 4.33 billion.So you can imagin how improtant social media now a days.

Social proof which is most important to promote any product,services etc.

People are always influenced by Social proof.

By Robert Cialdini

6 principles of Influence and social proof is also part of them.

The chance of influence increases when people make decision by observing other’s decision.

There are so many benefits will get in social media marketing

1-You can build your brand.

2-Increase your visitors in your website.

3- Generate leads

4-You will get geniune visitor to your website which will decrease your bounce rate.

5-Increase sales

That’s why Social media marketing is important!

How to start Social media marketing?

The biggest challenge to start Social media marketing is to be in action mode.If you are seriously about social media marketing then learn and implement it practically.

I am pretty sure that this article will help in making your goal and social media strategy.

Here are below some following measures.

  • Choose your Social media Platform

First of all define your target audience.goal and your business category.I have seen lot’s of people are doing this type of mistakes that they start using social madia marketing with out define their target customer,goal and category.

Believe me this type of mistake can demotivate you and at the end you are going to quit social media marketing.

Choose target audience?

There some factors you have to choose while targeting your audience


example 1-if you are selling make up product then your gender slection must be female.

Example 2-If you are seeling baby products then your gender selction mus be both.Because their parents are going to buy these products.



Age should be 18 yr above and according your product  you can define age for your targetaed audience.


You have choose area of interest.

Example 1-If you are providing SEO services then you have target those customer who are interested on this.

Examples 2-If you promote your travel blog then your target customer should have interest on tarvel

List of Social media Platforms:-


Facebook is a famous platform for your brand awarnesss.Facebook will help you in generating leads.

Post your good content on your facebook page and start advertising it.If you content is eye catching and informative ,then gradually followers will increase.

Facebook ad


Instagram is audience is fashion and beauty based. If your product is based on Fashion and beauty,then instagram is going to be greate social media platfrom.

Post good content about your product and start promoting on instagram.


If your website contains informative material,then tweeter will be good platfrom.any new thing will publish in your website then post it in your tweeter account.Good informative content will be viral very soon.

If you create a new blog on digital marketing.Go and post it in tweeter.

There 4 main tips before publish any post in your Social media






What skills are needed for Social media marketing?

Skills for Social media marketing:-

1-Content writing

2-Ability to learn

3-Content research

4-Good Head line generator

5- Answer the public

6-Be up to date for new technology

7-Creativity thinking


1-Can social media marketing really help my business?


Social media marketing is the most effective and successfull platform to increase your sell.

As i have discussed in my article that to influence prople you have to provide them “Social proof”

So social media marketing can help in boosting your business.

2-What are the best Strategies for social media markeitng?

  • Choose your social media platform.(For example-Twitter,Linkedin,facebbok,instagram,pinterest)
  • Make your Goal.(You can choose your goal in respective of conversion,Lead generation,Trafiic and engagement).
  • Choose your target audience.(choose your target audience in terms of age,gender,location,interest)
  • Create good content (in terms of image,video,article)
  • create ads of your content(you can choose budgest accorting you capability)
  • Start promoting your article.

3-What are some social media marketing tools?

  • Biteable(You can make your videos for you blog,social media)
  • Buffer(If you are using twitter then it this is a good tools for your)
  • Buzzsumo(It helps you in researching your content and topic related to your competitor.)
  • meetedgar(It will help you in re sharing content and also keep ytrack in social media engagement)

4-What are benefits of social media marketing?

  • It will increase your organic traffic
  • Helps in boosting your sale
  • Helps in Increasing your brand awarness.
  • You can traget your specific audience.which will decrease your bounce rate.
  • You can get your keyword oriented audience

5-How does some one find client for Social media marketing?

  • There are so many platforms like fiver,freelancer,upwork,topal etc.
  • Also you can create campaign for social media marketing service on social media .You will get your client directly form there also.
  • Provide details of your service in your campaign and start promoting ,you will automatically get your client.
  • You can also find cilent in your local.(For example if you are doing social media campaign for Hotels and resturant then visit your near by hotels and tell about your service.)
  • Create your campaign in Linkedin,Instagram,tweeter.

6-How do i do social media marketing?