Seo in digital marketing

What is SEO in Digital marketing?

SEO in digital marketing,everyone has heard this SEO term.SEO(Search engine optimization) is a tool used in digital marketing to drive visitors organically to your website from different search engine.SEO is built with sum of diffrent factors.A good SEO will help in increasing your organic traffic.
SEO is a process to make your website eligble to rank in search engine on certain keyword.The process to rank your website in google search engine is called SEO.Search engine is not only google,it can be internet expore,bing ,yahoo etc.
The strategy and technique used in the process of ranking your website on respective keyword is counted in SEO.

How Does SEO works in Digital marketing?

In SEO there are 3 main factors such asĀ technical SEO,on page SEO,off page SEO.Expect Off page SEO ,you have full control over on on page and technical seo.To be an SEO expert you have to master on above 3 factors.
SEO in Digital marketing is the most important factor in digital marketing.It is more valuable for your brand awarness,building trust among your visitor,boosting your sale,drive more organic customer.
SEO is a on going process,even if your website ranks in number 1 position on google ,you have to focus on SEO.
SEO helps in optimizing your site in search engine.Once your site got optimized,search engine scroll your website to find out blog post to index your site in their catlog.
The activity for SEO process is divided in 3 part
1-Technical SEO.
2-On page SEO.
3-Off page SEO.
This above 3 activies helps google to understand your site.such as google’s new algroithm made page load speed as an important factors in ranking.Page load speed comes under technical SEO.This is how Technical SEO,On Page SEO and Off page SEO are the main elements in SEO process.

Key elements of Technical SEO in digital marketing

Technical SEO is not content related.technical SEO helps google in crawling and indexing your website smoothly.As this process is not content related that’s why it is called Technical SEO.

Technical SEO is the backbone of your site.If ypur technical SEO is good then google will understand your website efficiently.Technical SEO will make your website crawlable.

List of elements of Technical SEO

Key Elements of On page SEO in digital marketing

You have full control over on page SEO.You can control on all the factors of on page SEO.So you have score 100% on page seo,as you have full control on on page seo.

On page SEO is a repeated process and you have to do it when ever you create a new post or page.As this this a repeated process ,here i am giving the check list so that you will not miss a single step in your on page SEO.

Check list for on page SEO

  • Your focus keyword must be in your SEO title.
  • Schema markup
  • Focus keyword need to be your meta description.
  • Use focus keyword in your URL.
  • Use short paragraph for your content.
  • Title should have positive/negative sentiment.
  • Always provide Outbound link in your content.
  • Should use internal link in your content.
  • Write quality and plagiarism free content.
  • `Always Use ALT tag in your image.
  • Make URL short and catchy.
  • use compressed image(image size should be 20 kb to 40 kb)
  • The word count of your content should be minimun 600 word.

Two important elements of on page SEO


In on page SEO check list ,i have used word “Keyword” like keyword on your URL,in your title etc.

It is obvious to rise question that “is keyword imprtant for SEO”?

Obviously keyword is the most imporatnt factors in your SEO.Google is going to crawl your website according to your keyword and visitors also visit your site through keyword.

keyword is going tell google about your content and it also helps in finding your target visitors.keyword is going to define your website ranking.

keyword is the bridge in between your content and user’s search intent.If your keyword matches to the search intent of visitor then google will show your website in google’s first page.

Keyword research is required to find out high volume and low competition keyword for your content.Your website is going to rank in google search engine according to your keyword.Proper keyword research will help you in finding best keyword for your content in respective of search volume,paid difficulty,seo difficulty.


Content is the intergral part in digital marketing.Content is the only thing which will enegae your visitors on your website.content will build your brand ,trust of your customer.Content is going to drive visitors and convert your visitors as your customer.

you should write your content which will geniunely help your audience.your content should be problem solving in nature.If some one is searching “how to prepare chicken biriyani”,if you will write on this topic then your content must contain such information ,if he follows your content then he can able to make chicken briyani properly,then olny your content is good and people are going to spent time on your content.

Ultimately your content is going to convert your visitors into paying content plays an imporatnt role in your SEO strategy.

Key Elements of Off page SEO in digital marketing

Off page SEO means the activies which are performed outside of your website to increase website traffic.Off page SEO is the most valuable and important technique for improving your ranking in google search engine.

The key element of off page SEO is need to build quality backlink for your website.backlink means if X is providing your article URL in their wesbite,then it means X website is given back link to you.

it means visitors will visit your site through x’s website.

Techniques for off page SEO

  • You can create backlink by writing guest post
  • create your social media presence and post your content there.
  • Use quora to drive organic customer by providing answer of asked question.
  • use pinterest to drive visitors by creating your pin on your respective topic.

Main benefits of Off Page SEO is ,it will increase your google ranking ,increase your organica traffic.


Is SEO is paid?

No.SEO is an organic strategy

Can i do SEO in my Own


Is SEO easy to learn?

Yes,to learn SEO yiu nust have passion and dedication toword SEO.SEO is a slow process and you must keep patience to learn SEO

Can SEO make money?

Yes.There is vast scope in SEO.So many digital marketing companies are there who are searching for SEO experts for their company.
Once you learn SEO ,you can earn money by providing your SEO sevcie to clients .