Would you have a brand new website?Want to create a new website

Would you want to rank your website on google???

Here i am going to breakdown the ultimate SEO checklist for a new website.

Let’s Explore SEO Checklist.

  1. SEO introduction
  2. Google search console
  3. Technical SEO
  4. On page SEO optimization
  5. Off page SEO optimization

1-SEO Introduction

SEO(Search engine optimization)means to optimize any keyword for search engine on your site.In other word SEO means to increase organic traffic to your website from search engines like google,bing etc

for example if you want find something about “SEO”,then google will extract pages that contains SEO keyword or closely related to this.

Keyword research is the foundation of SEO because keyword triggers search engine to search pages.

2-Google Search console

Google search console is a full package to check “SEO health“.It will help you to improve your SEO.You can track your performance of your page and see the keywords that your page is ranking for.

Here we are going to discuss each section of Google search console.

  1. Adding a website inside google search console
  2.  Search analytics and keyword analyse
  3. Create a sitemap.

1-Adding a website inside google search console

Click Google search console to add your website inside google.

Google search console/Google webmaster tool will be logged in with your exciting gmail/google account.

If you have a new website then click on “Add a property”,once you add any website you have to verify it by adding “TXT record“into your DNS record.

•  How to “Add TXT record”?

If you are using ,Click on website tab and then Site Tool.

Click DNS editor tab to add TXT record.

Paste the TXT record in IPV4 address and leave “Name tab” blank.

After creating TXT record,Server will take up to 24hr to update.Then click on Verify tab to verify your Website

2-Search analytic and keyword analyse

Search console is little bit different from google analytics.Search console is show the traffic from google search where as google analytics will show you the traffic getting from all the sources.

After clicking on pages button it will show your  top pages in search result.

There are so many option to track your visitors such as countries,search type,search appearance and dates.


Sitemap is basically a page that contains links to all the other pages in your website.once you submit a sitemap you will be able to see how many of your website is indexed and how many of them is submitted

3-Technical SEO

In your website except Content ,what ever SEO you are doing is called Technical SEO.

There are some key factors for technical SEO.

  • Domain name and hosting
  • Page Speed
  • Site architecture
  • SSL certificate
  • 404 error
  • Broken link
  • Mobile friendly
  • HTML error
  • Robot .txt file

• Domain name and Hosting

Domain name and hosting were playing an indirect role in google ranking.SEO friendly domain name plays a grate role in SEO.Domain name means basically

If you want to build a brand website then your domain name should be based on your Brand name.

You can also choose  domain name with respect to your keyword such as for your business,blog ,service.

Examples of some domain name with respect to keyword-“”,””,”digital marketing” etc.

Many times I have seen people are confusing while choosing domain name.Siteground will help you in finding your domain name of your choice

• Page speed

Google considers Page speed is very need to make sure that your page speed must be lightening fast .

For site speed it include things like Caching,compression,and minification.In wordpress there are 3 high recommended plugins that are W3 total cache,autoptimize.wp fastest cache,and SG optimizer(In build plugin for siteground user).

There are so many tools for Page speed testing.

  1. Page speed Insight
  3. Pingdom tools
  4. Webpage test

•Site Architecture

A good site structure helps to boost your visitor and google navigate your site.A good site structure will help visitors for better understanding and also lead to better understanding by google.

You should have to navigate your site.navigating is so easy ,you need to navigate your site on the basis of your post  and product so that they are easy to find and helps a new visitor to understand what your website is.

SSL certificate

SSL certificate will convert your website from “http” to “https”.Https allows you to encrypt the information between your visitor and website.Https asures your website visitor that your website is secure for them.  

Here you can find Top 10 Best Web hosting provider which provides free SSL certifi

4-On page SEO

On page SEO is the only thing where you have full control on it.On page SEO simply means the process of  optimizing your webpage to get higher traffic in search engine. On page SEO is the foundation to higher google ranking and more traffic to your site.

You have to follow 3 below factor before doing on page SEO

  1. Content with images
  2. Keyword Research
  3. SEO plugin(Yoast SEO)

♦Content with images

Your  content must be simple and easy to read.Your  content should be unique and high quality.

Optimize your images with alt tag which provides a descriptive text for images on your page.

♦Keyword Research

Keyword research Is the Foundation for higher google ranking and more traffic on your site.

Let’s move to keyword research check list .

  1. Search intent 
  2. Keyword Type

♥ Search Intent:

Search intent basically means the reason behind the search query of visitor.

There are different types Search intent

  • Informational Intent
  • Navigational Intent
  • Commercial Intent
  • Transactional Intent 

♥ Types of Keyword

There are 3 types of Keyword.

  • Head keyword.
  • Short tail keyword.
  • Long tail keyword.

keyword Research(A complete Guide for Beginner)

This Article covers 360 degree on Keyword research.

  1. Types Of keyword
  2. Search intent of user
  3. Learn How to generate Keyword ideas
  4. Tips while choosing keyword ideas
  5. Keyword research Tools

♦ SEO Plugin(Yoast SEO)

Yoast SEO is a free and popular SEO plugin in wordpress.Install and activate it.

now you have completed the 3 main factors.Let’s move for On page SEO check list.

On page SEO check list.

• Primary keyword in slug

•Use your primary keyword as ALT tag for 1st image

•Put primary keyword in meta description

•Use Short paragraphs

•Keyphrase must contain your primary keyword

• Density of Key phrase must be 5% of your total text.

5-Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is little bit out of your page seo is all about building back links which helps your site to rank in google.Also It is proven technique to improve your website visitor.

Checklist of Techniques for Off Page SEO

  1. Guest Post
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Broken link Building

1-Guest post

Guest post is a proven and solid technique  to build back link.

There are 3 important technique that helps you in acceptance of your post

Guest post list :-

There are hundred of Google search strings which helps in finding relevant website that accept guest posts.

Email out reach:-

Excellence email out reach will increase the chances of guest post acceptance by the respective website owner. 

Here is an example of scripts

Competitors analysis:-

Competitors analysis is a technique to steal your competitors visitor and spy help to spy on your competitors SEO.

This technique helps you to know.

♦ Broken link:-

If you mastery in broken link Building technique then this is the most easy and good way to earn back link.

Broken link building is a technique of finding broken links which links to different websites.we create a page on same topic and  email everyone who was linking to 404 error page and ask them to replace the dead link with yours.

Broken link building check list

  1. Find a dead link that has links
  2. Check the broken link is good fit
  3. Email out reach

ahref is a famous paid SEO tool that helps you in finding broken link