On page SEO in digital marketing.There are so many factors are in on page SEO and it is impossible to cover all the factors.Here i will gonna cover some basic and important factors of on page SEO and rest of the factos will be discovered gradually once you start doing on on page SEO.

On page SEO is an important factor in google’s algorithm.

What is On page SEO in digital marketing?

On page SEO is process where you optimize your contents on the basis of your targeted keyword to rank on search engines.On page SEO also helps in generating organic traffic for your website.
There are 3 main factors on SEO and on page SEO is one of them.On page SEO is a repeated process,you have to do on page SEO on every new post/page.
On page SEO in digital marketing is the most important techniques to genrate slaes and your on page seo scroe will decide whether your article will rank or not on your tragated keyword.
There are so many SEO plugins,where you can track your on page SEO score.This plugins will tell your in which area you have to focus to imporve your on page SEO score.
Two famous SEO plugins i.e yoast SEO and rank math.This tools will help you to increase your on page SEO score.

Why On page SEO in digital marketing is Important?

As you know google will rank your article on the basis of your keyword and on page SEO will help you in optimizing your content according to your keyword.On page SEO will make your website/web posts google algorithm friendly.Google crawls your website on the basis of your keyword and on page SEO tells google in which keyword your content is optimized.
On page SEO works on 12 different factors which are google algorithm friendly and google consider those factors in ranking.
Google always focus on quality content and quality content is the key to engage your visitors.

Benefits of On page SEO in digital marketing
1-It increases the number of visitors.
2-It will increase your ranking
3-Increases your brand value
4-Helps google to understand your web pages.
5-It increases click through rate(CTR)
That’s why on page SEO is the most important in SEO.

Top 5 On page SEO ranking factors?

There are so many factors in on page SEO in digital marketing.Let’s Discuss one by one

1- Title Tag optimization

Title is a HTML elements which tells google about Your content.SEO Title is a clickabl link where people will come to your website by clicking that SEO title. Your SEO title should contain your foucs keyword.

Title tag optimization is most important factor in on pagre seo because google only shows your title and meta description to the visitors in the search result.if your title is well optimized and user intent based then people will click to your link.So it is highly necessary to make your page title user satisfied as well as for google crawler.

SEO title tag

Tips for Title tag optimization

  • Place your focus keyword at the beginning of your SEO title
  • Make your title length below 60 words
  • Title must be unique.
  • Your page title should have positive or negative sentiment
  • Try to put power word in your title(As per rank math power word means tried and true words that copywriter use to attract click)
  • Your title must contain a number(Ex -Top 10 On page SEO factors for beginner)
  • Use call to action in your SEO title(ex:-Learn On page SEO in just 30 minute,here “Learn” is the call to action word)
  • Try to use question related title,it looks more catchy.

2- Meta Description

Meta description is the summry of your whole content.You have to optimzie your meta description for search engine and slo for your visiotrs.

Visitors will visit your page on the basis of your title and meta description.So try to optimize your meta tag for your article.Good optmized meta description helps in increasing the CTR(Click through rate).

Tips for Meta description

  • Place your foucs keyword at the starting of your decription
  • Length of your meta description is less than equal to 160 word.
  • Make your meta description as an adervitisement.
  • Include call to action in your meta description
  • Use rich snippet
  • Observe the activities of your competitors,what they are writing in their meta tag and react accordingly in your web post.

3- Short URL

You have to keep your URL shorter in lentgh.The length of URL should be less than 75 word.To make your permalink shorter ,you just need to change your setting to post name.

SEO friendly URL imporves ranking and user experience

Tips for SEO friendly URL

  • Use your focus keyword in your URL
  • Don’t use special character in your URL
  • Try to make a connection in between your Title and URL.

4-Heading tag

There are 6 Heading tags starting from H1 to H6.You need optimize your heading.H1 tag will tell crawler abour your content.Gogle only understand HTML language as per google’s algorithm ,h1 tag helps google to understand your content structure with respect to heading tag.

Google understand this type of language <h1>Ultimate guide on on page SEO<h1>.So focuse keyword optimized heading ultimately help in your google ranking.

you should use H1 tag once in every post.H1 tag tells crwaler about your web page.If you use more than one H1 tag in your web page,then it will confuse google and google can’t understand your web page.

Tips for Heading tag optimization

  • Use your focus keyword in your H1 tag
  • mark FAQ schema in your H2 tag
  • Use foucs keyword in your subheading means in H2 tag

5-Image Optimization

Image optimization will increase your page speed load time.Image optimization helps in reducing image size.Once your image will rank in gogle ,then it will become an rich source of traffic.

A good and eye catching image increases the weightage of your web page.image is a tools ,you can use to this in your web page to enage your visitors.

Tips for Image Optimization

  • put your focus keyword in image alt attribute
  • Put image after every subeading
  • Always provide proper information in image description.
  • You imgae size should be in bet 20kb to 40 kb.
  • Use JPEG format for images.


Hope this article helped you geniunely.One thing i have to told that there are so many factors which will effect your on page SEO.and you will learn all those factors once start doing on page SEO for your web page.There are one famous SEO tool ,which will guide you from starting to end for a good on page SEO.That SEO pluging is rankmath.
If you have any doubt then feel free to message.