Keyword Research is the Foundation of SEO. 

Picking up Right Keyword will give you more money.and picking of wrong keyword will make you loss in time,energy and money

Keyword research is all about choosing a potential keyword with high volume traffic.

However keyword research is not entirely means to the number of traffic reach to your site but also to covert those traffic as your cutsomer

Why keyword Research is Important?

If we talk about SEO,Keyword Research is the most integrated part of SEO. Visitors visit your post through a keyword.Proper keyword Research will cover half of your journey of ranking in google.

Keyword research will help you to find what people searches in internet on daily basis,helps to know the competition and volume of a particular keyword. Doing proper keyword research will help you to write SEO friendly article.

You can find popular and profitable niches with low competition through keyword research.Low competition will help to rank in google easily.  

How to Select Keyword

There are Three types of keyword.

  1. Head Keyword
  2. Short tail keyword
  3. Long tail keyword.

Knowing these key factors will help you in choosing right keyword to rank in Google.Ranking in Google with Wrong keyword will be useless, wasting of time and money. 

1-Head Keyword

Hardly Recommended not to use these type of keyword if you are a beginner.Head keyword is basically one word Keyword such as-“Marketing”,”Shoe”,”Blog”,”SEO”,”Fashion” etc.

If someone searching these type of Keyword in google, then the intention of searcher is not clear either he want to know on specific topic,or want to learn something or many other possibilities  are there.

2-Short Tail keyword

Short tail keyword is basically two to three word keyword.such as “Nike shoes”, “digital marketing”,”Fast track watch” etc.

These type keyword has also no clear cut intention of searcher.If some searching for Digital marketing then the intention is not clear with this keyword.You will get so many possibilities with this like either he searches for digital marketing course, or digital marketing agency or he may wants to know about Digital marketing.

So targeting this type of keyword for a beginner is not recommend

3-Long Tail keyword

If you are a beginner ,then always Try to learn how to research on Long tail keyword.These type of keyword generally 3 to 4 word with less competition and searches is high such as “How to start a blog”,”How to make a website”,”How to make money online”

These type  of keywords are more specific than short tail and head keyword.

Know Different types of Search intent

There are Different types of keyword search intent

  1. Informational Intent keyword
  2. Navigational Intent Keyword
  3. Commercial Intent keyword
  4. Transnational intent keyword 

Query/keyword intent is the most important part keyword research.Search intent means knowing the meaning of keyword  behind the Search.

1-Informational Intent

Informational keyword means visitor gain knowledge on a specific topic such as Today’s new ,what is i3 processor.If you are only depend on google ads to monetize your blog then this type of keyword will be beneficial for you.

2-Navigational Intent

Visitor has a clear cut idea to visit on a particular website on internet.Intention of this type of keyword is totally clear and specific.

If some searches for nike shoes in amazon ,Facebook log in page etc.Should avoid these type of keyword because of  high competition and also hard to get traffic to your website even after you post ranks top 5 in google.

3-Commercial intent keyword

These type of keyword considered as investigation keyword.Visitor collects information of  products that he want to buy.such as Review of nokia 7.1 plus ,compare between one plus and i phone etc.

These type of keyword is highly profitable keyword ,you can earn money both google ads and affiliate marketing.

Alert:-“Keyword research plays a great role while choosing these type of keyword”

4-Transnational intent

Transnational intent keyword has high potential,highly profitable,highly convertible,High competition.while searching these type keyword ,visitor is ready to make payment or ready for sign up.such as Book hotels,Buy nike shoes etc.  

How to generate Keyword Ideas

There are different types of awesome  Tools to generate keyword ideas and what people are searching in google.

Those tools are

  1. Answer the public
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Quora

How to use those Keyword Research tools

Answer the public:-

A fantastic tools which gives you information about what kind of keyword the people are looking or
what kind of question that people have.
Answer the public tools gives you question what people are in their mind when it comes to a particular keyword or
a particular topic.
When you move forward to answer the putting your keyword in search tab,

once it has been done,this site will gathering and sagrigate them in the form of Questions,preposition,comparison,alphabetical relatedQuickly running through it here i wiil write some questions like:

1-How content marketing helps in SEO
2-What is content marketing
3- content marketing examples
and many more you will find in that circle
this circle here itself can be a huge treasure to generate ideas for content creation
It also gives a bunch of keyword arranges alphabetically.


It helps you find relevant keyword.Best keyword research tool out there for in the market is
This is an independent tool and what neil patel did is bought this tool which is absolutely free,and gave bunch very very good
At least for keyword research you might not be to invest.
I will suggest, taking all those ideas got from answer the public and putting it on Ubersuggest search button
and figuring out the keyword are being there.

It will give you all the details of this particular keyword like Search volume,SEO difficulty,paid difficulty,
cost per click.
It will gives you bunch of keywords ideas related to your also gives suggested also related keyword.
You have to Download all the data and shorted it down.

Examaples of some keyword
1-Content marketing strategy
2-Content marketing strategy for SEO etc etc

This is the way how you will takeoff con


Trying to find variations of a particular problem on forums. General forum to star up with is Quora. Go a head and find specific forum which talk only on the topic that you are writing in Facebook groups ,linked in groups etc etc.You need to find
variations of problem that you face.
In quora you can find different variations of the same problem and kind of answers that people are giving.and get an idea about content chapter interms of knowledge about this topic

How to evaluate your keyword ideas

Basic Factors to be consider while evaluating  your keyword ideas

  • Search volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Google trend

Search volume

Search volume is basically the number of people looking for information about a topic on internet.The more number of people is better for you.

you can use Ubersuggest to evaluate the search volume for your keyword

Search Difficulty

Search difficulty will tell you weather or not should be considering those particular keyword and how difficult to rank in google with the help of  those keyword.

You should not consider a keyword just because of high search volume.High search volume may also mean that may attract more competition.

As a beginner  should not consider high competition keyword.

In ubersuggest , The higher SD score the more competitive

Google trend

Google trend will provide new keyword ideas as well as tell you how popular that particular  keyword.

Famous Keyword Research Tools

As we already discussed how keyword research is considered as important part if we talk about to rank on google.

There are so many best keyword research tools are available that really help you in your keyword research

  • Google planner
  • Ubersuggest
  • ahref

Google Planner

Google planner will help you in find sub topics with a similar pattern.If you Search Keyword then it shows similar topic such as Best keyword research tool,Competitor keyword research,How to do keyword research etc.

This tool will give you maximize coverage related to a topic. 


Ubersuggest is quite simple tool buid by Niel patel.This will provide you all long type  variation of each keyword such as competition level, search volume,Paid difficulty.cost per click etc.

The higher Serach difiiculty score means the higher competition and it hard to rank in google with those keyword.


ahref tools helps in generating keyword ideas,analyze  google’s top 10 search result,easily access how hard  it will to rank in google using targeted keyword.

Premium ahref tool gives you millions of keyword ideas with search volume and question related to a specific keyword also provides newly discovered keyword ideas.

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