SEO optimized content

Why SEO optimized content is important?

Content is the back bone for your blogging /digital marketing journey.Your visitors were going to stay in you website on the basis of your content.You need to write SEO optimized content on your webiste.Your content must qualify the SEO factors.

As a content writer you have to balance your content qulaity and search enging ranking.This is the most tough challenge for a content marketer.In your total website content is the key in building relationship with customer.

The trust of your visitors will increase on the basis of your content.A good and geniune content increases the trust level of your visitors,and your content is going to coverts those visitors as your buying customer.

How do I optimize my content for SEO?

1-Do keyword research

keyword research is the first step of your content SEO.Search a keyword which has high volume and low competency.You will find so many tools like ubersuggest,semrush etc.But i recommend to use google keyword planner.

I am not telling that semrush and ubersuggest is bad but as your main taget is google ,so that google will give you better information on keyword.

what ever visitor search in google search engine is called query and when you wrote a content on that query then it’s called keyword.

You have to differentiate your target keyword according your priority such as primary keyword and secondary keyword etc.Keyword is the single source that tells google about the content and also google display your website in search engine on the basis of your keyword.So keyword research is highly important for content optimization.

2-Maintain your page load speed

Although page speed comes under technical SEO but it doesn’t mean you spoil that efford in your content writing.If you add lot’s of unneccessary image ,gif,videos in your content it will increase the page load speed time.

If your web page loads slow then visitors will come and return from there immediatly.And this action will increase your bounce rate means google is going to derease your ranking.

Always use font style which have lowest page loading speed.becuse heavy font increase your page loading time.

just look,the page speed of my try to score good in page load speed.Not only Hosting and Theme is main factor in page load speed but also your content.

3-Maintain keyword density

Alway maintain the focus keyword density in your content.Keywrod density means how many time your foucus keyword appears in your content.There is no ideal keyword density but generally in idealkeyword density is 1% to 2% means your keyword must apperar 2 time per 100 word.

Keyword denisity is a process of keyword optimization.Keyword density is also an itegeral part of on page SEO.So you have to maintain the level of keyword density in your content.

4-Optimize your Title and Meta description

Both meta title and meta descrition are important for SEO optimized content.Ultimately google will only display your meta title and meta description.A good keyword optimized Head line and meta dercitpion will help google to understand the topic of your content.

Visitors are going to visit your website by clicking the Title.So titel and meta description is a part of content optimization

SEO title tag

Meta description:-Meta description conatins the key component of your content.By reading your title and meta description people will eneter your website by clicking that link.

Your met description length shloud be 150-160 character in length.Don’t forgot to put your focus keyword in your meta description.

A good meta description desribes the purpose of your content so that people can understand the qulaity of content by reading your meta description.

Give as much as good and qualtiy information in your meta description followed by focus keyword.

5-Image optimization

Image optimization is must need in your SEO optimized content.Image Image conatins above 50% weight of your content.If you upload large size image in your content ,then your content will take time to load.

If your website expriences lazy load time ,then it is going to increase your website bounce rate.

If image optimization is not done in your content ,then you will page 3 problem

  • it will Increase your bounce rate
  • Down grade in your search ranking
  • Bad user exprience