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Pinterest guide

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a  social media platform as well a search engine,where people from wordwide uncover infromations here.

Pinterest basically focus on good and eye catching images.Pinterest helps you in growing organicallyand it doesnot matter that you have 5k follower or 0 follwer,Pinterest treats everyone same.

If you compare Pinterest to other social media platforms,In Pinterest people search only information like how to tutorial,how to do certain things etc.

So pinterest is a search engine and also a hub of potential buyer for your business.

Use of pinterest is growing rapidly.Although lot’s of user’s are belongs from US,but now it also covers outside US also.

Advantages of Pinterest!

  • The day you start,you will get visitor.
  • You will get target audience.
  • Pintrese will help in increasing your organic traffic.
  • Treat Pinterest as high quality backlink.

How to use Pinterest as a beginner?

Do you want to know how to use Pinterest for your busniess ever after you are a newbie.

Then keep reading!!


Here you see so many pins in homepage based on your searching history or what Pinterest think that you might like.Homepage might be different if you are new one to pinterest because it takes time to understand your interest.

Let’s move how to start Pinterest!

Step-1:Edit profile

Add your dispaly name and profile (Description).

A good profile will increase yoyr brand credibility.


Step-2:Claim your website to Pinterest

Calim your website to rank your content in pinterest.

You can the ADD HTML code into your WordPress website.or can ADD TXT record on your domain host.

Youn should claim both Instagram and youtube .


Step-3:Create pin

Here pin means your will get you vistor through pin.

you content can be information,landing page,sales page etc.

  • Add title
  • tell abour your pin
  • Add your destnation link.
  • Provide a eyecatching image for your pin.
  • Create your board

For eye catching image use canva.

Pin creation

What is Board in pinterest?

Board is a place where you save your content.In pinterest while creating your pin you need to create board accourding to your topic.

For example:

If you wrote an article on SEO topic ,then you need to create your board on SEO.

Board helps in arranging your content accordingyour keyword.Which will helps your visitor to get proper information what ever they want. 

Board pinterest

How to create board for your pin?

Follow below two steps:-

  • Create pin
  • Create Board.

After succesfull completetion of your pin,create your board and piublish your post .

Create Board

How to install Pinterest tag?

Pinterest tag helps in tracking your visitors behaviour on your website.

Here you can connect with pinterest account as well as facebook and google analytics.

Let’s Set up your Tag.

Go to your business Hub in top left hand side of Pinterest.

Click on Install pinterest tag.Follow the steps,It will guide you in istalling the pinterest tag.

Pinterest tag

Here i have already installed Pinterest tag.If you not done before It shows Visit in stead of Revisit.

How do pin Work on pinterest.

Your pin contains a Big feature image,description about your pin,title,alt text and your website  link.After publishing your pin Only feature image and title will be dispaly.

After clicking feature image ,it will redirect to your website.

From the above ,we learn that a good picture and a good title will define your Pin cedibility.

Here below picture you can see only image and title of your pin is displaying.


How to create a good image for your pin?

Are you struggling in finding a good image for your pin.

If this is your question then solution is here!

Here i am giving you the most famous tool where you can create an eyecathing image for your pin. is the tool ,where you can create image for your pin.

Create your Image with Canva.

Canva is a social meida marketing tool where you can design your image according to your keyword and niches.

Most recommended tool for Pinterest user,as pinterest basically focus on good image.

Canva provides so many templates for facebook post,instagram,presntation,logo and many more.

For example just click presention tab.It will open below page.

Here you can create and design your image accordingly for your pin,blog,website etc.

Do spend some qulaity time in canva to becaome expert in canva.

Believe me Canva is a great tool and will help you in increase your business.


Pinterest is basically an amazing tool that will help you in growing your website visitors organically and treat Pinterest as high quality backlink for your website.Because Pinterest itself is a search engine,where you get visitors directly through your pin. There are 450 million Active user monthly all over there will be greate visibilty of getting organic rafic to your website.

Hope this article will help you!!!And Still If you have any doubt please feel free to contact us.


What is Pinterest mostly used for?

Pinterest is a search engine used for discovering information thorugh pin.There is 450 million active user monthly.Any type of information you want just search in Pinterest you will get hundreds of pin on that respective topic.
you can also use Pinterest for your bsuniness.create your pin and you will get organic traffic to your website.

What are the steps to use Pinterest for traffic on blog?

Create your Pin
Create your Board
Run ad