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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing means you will earn money as a commission by  promoting products of  different  companies.

for example if  you wrote an article on “best wordpress hosting provider” and you put your affiliate link inside your article.and if someone buy that product by clicking your link then you will get paid your commisison.

 Have ever heard about Passive income?

Passive income you generate inome without your active effort it means you will generate income while you are enjoying your holiday trip and while sleeping at night.

Affiliate marketing is an example of passive income.once you drive traffic to your website ,you will get commission in auto pilot mode.and your effort will be negligble.

If you need to gain more knowledge on Passive income i will suggest to read this book one i.e “Parable of  The Pipeline“.

A famous line from this book by author Burke Hedges

Becoming Millionary is not a chance ,it is a matter of choice.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer?

Before starting Affiliate marketing ,you have identify your knowledge ,passion ,interest,skills and fear.

Your first approch is to find in which topic/niche you can write article.

There are few steps :-

1-Select your niches

Take time and research on which niche/topic you are going to wrtite articles.

examples of some niches and topics

  • Blog
  • Health care
  • Travel
  • Hosting
  • Agriculture
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO

Anything can be niche but you have to specify your niches according to your choice/strenth/interest/hobby/passioon.

2-Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important part of your affiliate marketing journey.Once you select your niche, do keyword research for that Niche

There are so many tools for keyword research i.e ubersuggest,ahref,semrush etc.  

as a newbie try to find keyword with high volume and low competancy.


while doing keyword research some keypoints should be considered

  • Find high volume and low competancy keyword.
  • one your select your keyword ,go to google and search with that keyword.

next step is to copy top 5 URL which is showint in google search engine  and find their domain authoruty.If their doiman authority is high then as a newbie it is too hard to rank with that keyword.

repeat this process untill you get a low competatency and high volume keyword.

Keyword mastery is  a get mastery on keyword research by repeating above process.

Once you get a keyword which ranks in google and the doamin authority of that website is low,then only you will get success easily on that keyword. 

3-Build your Website

Concept is fully clear,if you want to became an affiliate marketing having a website is must.You need to build a WordPress website.To create website you need to buy domain name and hosting first.

Web hosting that i recommend.





Install a good Theme for your website.Recommend to go for paid theme.Because in free theme most of the features is not availabe as a result you can not make an attarctive website.

Before buying any theme must ensure to check page speed in GTmetrix and Google page speed.If you upload heavy scripting theme it make your site slow and it will effect your google ranking.


3 Best WordPress optimized theme will make your website profeessional.

1-Ocean wp

2-Affiliate booster

3-Thrive Theme

After creating your WordPress website,start writing blog of particular category  to which want to promote.

As a newbie nobody will approve your affiliate have publish your article first.

Once you get approval from respective companies,you can link those affiliate links and start promoting.

How to Join Affiliate networks

There are so many platforms for affiliate marketing.

If you want to promote physical products(mobiles,watches,laptopsetc) then go for amazon assosiate programme.

You also join Affiliate platforms where you can get so many advertisers and get approval from those advertisers in a single platform.

examples of some affiliate platforms

Cj affiliate

Share a sale



In this platfrom you will get so many products to promote.Go for it start promoting affiliate links.

How do you make money as an affiliater

Fundamental is simple,to earn money you must have to drive visitors to your website.

No visitor=No money.

Quora is the  most effective and easy way to drive visitor .Go to and search what people ask and start giving anser to those question.(Search question related to you content).

You can also drive visitors through google ads,Facebooks ads,Instagram ads.

For example 

I search Affiliate marketing in quora


Here you can see lot’s of questions were asked by people.

Simply you answer them and provide your website link.People will read your answer if you answer is beneficial for them then they will go to your website for more knowlegde.

For this you must write a attractive and good blog and your blog should be rich in conent.

Quora and Facebook ads are very good platform as you target relevant people who are interested in that particular topic.It will decrease your bounce and also you will get conversion also.

What are the Highest paying Affiliate programmes

There are so many affiliate programmes.To find the affiliate programme for your respective niches simple search “Service providers’s name+Affiliate programmes” in google.

If they have affiliate programme you can apply.

Here are the Top 5 Highest paying affiliate programme



3-A2 hosting



How can you succeed in Affiliate marketing

To became a sucessfull afiliate marketer is not one day process ,it is a long term process.

Before starting affiliate marketing jouney set up your mind to have patience.Patience is the very  first thing that will define you sucess.

To sucess in affiliate marketing,you must educate yourself.Start reading books,articles,research about affiliate marketing.

Before  writing articles,keep reseach by following other website.Observe how are their article style is,what is the conent of those article, how are they conveying mesg to their readers.

You need not to copy those article but take knowledge from those article.

Keep patience,learn keyword research,Keep on putting your best efforts to become a good writer.

By repeating above process ,one day you realize that your effort worked.

Keep learing and impletenet those learing in your websites.

It’s Fact that with out driving visitors to your website ,you will not be sucessfull but beleive if you have suffience informative content in your article it will automatically drive visitors to your website.

Also you can use quora,facebooks ads,google ads to drive visitors.

How much does it cost to start affiliate marketing

If your serious about affiliate marketing,then you must have to build a website on wordpress.

To build a WordPress website you must a domain name hosting.Now most of the web hosting company provides free domain name.

I hardly recommend Hostinger.

Hostinger is a web hosting provider which provides

1-99.9% uptime 

2-Free SSL

3-Free domain name

4-High speed website loading.

5-Relaible price and greate support system.

It hardly cost 4k to 5k to set up your WordPress website if you are going for 1 year plan.But believe me you will earn more from your website.

You have treate this 5k as an investment .and return is going to be 10 time more than your investment.

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Can I do affiliate marketing without a website

If you are geniunely want to be a successfull affiliate marketer,then you must have a website.
Affiliate marketing with out website seems like to lean riding cycle with cycle.

What kind of website do i need for affiliae marketing?

Build a website In WordPress.Install a good theme.Create article and start promoting.
Hostinger is the best web hosting which provides 1 click WordPress installation.
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How do I start affiliate marketing as a beginner?

Create a website in WordPress platfrom.
To create a website it need domain name and hosting.
Hostinger provides 1 click word Press installation and free Domain for 1 year.
Install a good theme and start writing articles.

Where can I post Affiliate links?

You can post Affiliate links in your webiste as an image or in a specific word.
See this picture you will get it.

Is affiliate marketing easy?

Ha ha…If you believe in eductaing yourself and if you have patience,then definitelt Addiliate marketing is going to be very easy for you.

What is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners?

Best Affiliate marketing programme
1-Amazon associate
2-CJ network
3-Share a Sale
7-Click bank