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What is Blogging?

However now a days Blogging and Digital marketing is most growing industry all over world

Now a days star blogging is the most trending keyword in google.

Blogging simply means you share your thoughts ,knowledge and experience on internet.(medium like Wikipedia ,Quora or on your own website)

To be successfull blogger and if literaly want to learn digital marketing build an website on wordpress and start posting your article.

Not recommend to go for free platform if you are serious on blogginh.

Initially a liitle investment rquires in buying domian name and hosting  to create your WordPress website.

This article will guide thoroughly from scratch.

How to start blogging?

1-Domain name


3-Monetize your blog.

Choose Domain name:-

domain name means name of your website. for ex-,, etc

Choose your domain name accordingly to your niche.Recommend to do research in your niches before buying.

for example-If you are crazy on bike riding and want to start your blog then you can choose niches like,, etc

so it’s very essential to choose domain name accordingly to your niches.

For personal branding you can choose your name + extension.

Example etc

Hosting:-Web Hosting Order

There are some key factors you have to keep in your mind.

1-Good up time

2-SSL certificate

3–24/7 customer support

4-Good bandwidth.

Best 3 web hosting for beginner




I recommend GreenGeeks for your website

Click this link it will take to GreenGeeks website.

Pro plan for professional and if you are a newbie recommend for Lite plan.

Move forward to next step.

Very simple.If you don’t have existing domain ,Create a new domain and move forward.

Give your Card details to create account and your hosting will be ready.

Steps to monetize your blog:-

  1. Google adsense
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Sell your services or your own products.

Google Adsense:-

Google adsense is the best way to monetize your blog.There are some key factors everyone should follow to get approve by google.

1-should have good domain(.com,.in,.org etc)

2-must have SSL certificate( now every hosting service companies provides Free SSL certificate)

3-Try to make website simple and attractive

4-should have 20 article(don’t use copywrite content)

5-must create a sitemap page(xtml page)

5-should create About page and contact page

Affiliate marketing:-

Till now i have not seen any downfall in affiliate marketing industry.

In affiliate marketing you can promote products of 100 companies.

Affiliate marketing has no boundaries you can sell products  all over the  world.

In affiliate marketing you can earn from sales as well as from leads also.

There are lot’s of affiliate programme from where you can start your affiliate marketing journey.

  • Amazon affiliate programme
  • Commission junction network
  • Max bounty
  • click bank
  • Impact

Sell your own product:-

This is also a great way to monetize your can sell your own product and services through your website or blog.

Hope This article will be beneficial for you!!!

now it’s time to here from and gain some from you.

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