Content marketing strategy.Every content marketer wants to develop a good content marketing strategy for their client or for themesleves.

Content is the face of your website.The more attarctive and problem solving content will attarct more visitors and force visitors to stay on your website.

content marketing strategy

What is content marketing strategy?

Content marketing strategy is a process where you implement all content marketing factors on by one on your content.content marketing is a strategic marketing technique which provides valuable and relative content to their user.
A good Content marketing strategy will attract and retain a clearly define audience and gradually those audience will covert in to your buying customer.
content is the pillar/king/future of marketing.
Consistency and Relevancy in your content will motivate your audience to become your customer.
Your content should be in series means if your are promoting wordpress theme,then your content should be in series.such as
1-Why Theme is important for SEO?

2-How to choose wordpress optimized theme for your website
3-Best WordPress

optimized theme for beginners.
Here you see point 3 you are providing your affiliate thing.This the series of your content.First 2 points are going to build trust and motivate your audience and 3 one is the action content,where people will click your affiliate link to buy.
So Consistency is must in your content marketing strategy.

What are the types of content ?

There are different forms of content.It may be audio,video, written etc.
Let’s explore the types of content.
1-Blog post
3-videos(YouTube video etc)
4-Social media campaigns(Facebook,instagram)
6-question hub
7-quora(question and answer)
10-Cartoon etc.
By using above these techniques you can create your post accordingly.

What is the goal of content marketing?

The main goal of content marketing is to convert your audience into your buying customer.There are different types of can that can be achieved with a good content marketing strategy.
Types of goal of content marketing:-
1-Generating lead
2-Increase sales
4-Increase brand awarnes
5-Increase your website visitors
As you know ,your visitors and audience were going to attract by only your content.So your goal should be clear.According your goal ,
you have to build your content marketing strategy.
What are the steps to develop content markeing strategy?
Let’s discuss the steps to develop content marketing strategy

What are the steps to develop content markeing strategy?

Let’s discuss the steps to develop content marketing strategy

1-Define your buyer’s journey

Buyer’s jurney means ,the process through which a customer is going before buy a product or something.for example if your are searching for a digital marketing course,then it does not mean that you suddenly buy a random digital marketing course.

Obhiously your are going to research on it and after that you plan to buy that course.The process you choose in bying that course is called buyer’s journey

There are 3 main stages in buyer’s journey




You have to disply content according to the stage.In awarness stage,your content should awarnes related.Let’s discuss what type of content to be discuss accroding to the stage.

Awarness:- In awarness stage ,audiences are generally searching for this stage audience have zero knowlegde on that respective topic.If some one searching for “what is digital marketing”,it means that person wnat to gain knowledge on digital markeing.

So if you wrote an article on “what is digital marketing?”,it means you are providing information to that person.You can share your content in video form,by writing blog post,by social media post etc.

Consideration:-In this stage ,you genearlly gives information on a respective topic.for example You can tell about the different modules of digital marketing etc.This stage is the attaction stage.Once you consistensly provide information of respective product,it will build trust of your audience.

You can send them contents in newsletter,webinars,events, etc

At the end of consideration stage ,an audience will get sufficient knowlege on that particluar topic.Now you can move your audience in next stage means decision making.

At the end of consoideration and starting of desicion making stage ,you just say about your product to your audience.Once your audience see/listen that product ,now he will start researching about that product.

Decision making :-This stage is the last stage in your buyer’s jouney,in this stage buyer make decision to buy taht product.In that stage ,you have give hin demo of your product,price comparison ,case studies.

You start proving information of that repsective product.You have tell them ,if he /she buys your product then what type of benefits will they get.

This is the stage where your have fully freedom in promoting your product.The best you promote your product,the better result you will get.

2-Define your Goal

Goal is important.Not only in content marketing,but also in your life also.You have to define your goal,as ultimately you are going to create your content accordingly to your goal set up.

Goal reminds you on what point you need to foucs or need to skip that particluar point in your content.In digital marketing industry.

You goal may be includs like

1-Increase sale

2-Generate lead

3-Brand awarness etc.

For example1- if your goal is to generated slaes.Then your content must focus about your product,it’s benefit,price comaprision,market value etc.

example2-If your goal is generating leads,then you you have to create a content which will provide some free tools,ebooks,pdf or something other to the visitors.For example-“Start your Free traing on Affiliate marketing“,Then provide your Newsletter.This type of content is attarctive in nature.This will help you in generating leads.

3-Create your Buyer’s persona

Buyer’s persona means define your targated customer.So that you can promote your content to the right audience.For example if you are promoting baby product but your target audience is not specified,you are displaying your content to everyone.Then it is useless.

You have to specifiy your buyers persona on the basis of gender,age,area of interest etc.

When you are promoting your content on google ads,facebooks ads then you must specify your target audience’s age,area of interest,location etc.

4-Do keyword research

Keyword research will cover 50% jouney in your content marketing strategy journey.Keyword research provides information about the search volume,keyword difficulty,paid difficulty etc.If you choose a keyword which has zero search volume,then your content is totally worthless.

If your choose a content which has high search volume but keyword difficulty is hight,then as a beginner it is too difficult to rank your content in google.

So keyword research is important in your content marketing strategy.There are so many keyword research tools like google keyword planner,ubersugeest,semrush.where you can choose a better keyword for your content.

5-Observe your competitor and react

As a beginner ,you have to observe your competitor.what type of material they are posting in their content.and you must have to put those type of materials and something extra and unique in your content.Don’t copy past ,you have to write in your own language.

At the time of analysing your competetitors some points should be in your mind such as

1-Type of content(what are they writing)

2-Compare the difference in between your content and competitors content

3-What are the key points used to promote their product

4-How they engage visitors in their content etc(type of quality)


Happy learning!!!!
Content is the king.Your content is the mirror of your thought.Hope you really enjoy this article.Now it’s my turn to listen from you.
Feel free to ask if you have any query.