What is page speed optimization?

Page speed optimization plays an important role in your search engine ranking.Pagespeed is an intergral part of on page SEO.There are so many tools where you can check your page load speed such as Gtmatrix,pagespeed insight.
page load speed of your website is totally depend upon your theme and web hosting.If you theme is loaded with heavy HTML code,then it decreases your page load speed.Another factors is hosting,always try to use hosting which server is located in your country or near to your country.Let’s understand with an example:-If you are targeting INDIAN user and your hosting server is located in USA,then it will take time to send data from INDIA to USA,and ultimately your page load speed decreases.
“So nearest data center is directly proportional to faster page lo

How much does Page Speed effect SEO?

Page speed optimization is must for your website.A good page speed provides quality exprience to your visitors.Now google made page speed is an important factors in their algorithm.
A bad page load speed provides bad exprience to their a days no body wants to wait in google to get information.In google if 1st link load slow then back to search result and go for 2nd link and this is practically exprienced.
you must have heard about bounce rate.An increase bounce rate decreases your google ranking.
bounce rate means someone came to your site and exit with in a second,this typr of action called bounce rate.and pageload speed is a factor in increasing your bounce rate.
Google trate bounce rate seriously,if your bounce rate is high then google realise that your website is not valueable for visitors.although you wrote excellent articles in ypur website but it wiil be useless for google
This is why page speed effects in SEO.A good page speed will provide good exprience to visitors and good exprience increase your ranking.

How do i check my page speed optimization?

There two famous tools where you can check you page speed such as pagespeed insight and Gtmetrix.
Both are free tool.These tools tells ,in which field you have to work to increase your page load speed.

How to optimize page load speed?

As page speed optimization matters in your SEO,it is important to increase your page load speed.There are so many plugings are availabe in wordpress,which helps in increasing page load speed.

Plugins are the secondary tools for page load speed but primary tools is hosting and theme.A good hosting and a good theme completes 80% journey of your page speed optimization.

Key factors to increase page speed optimization


choose a webhosting which provides unlimited bandwidth,cloudflare protection,light speed WordPress acceleration,light speed server.

These above features is totally dedicated to increase your page load speed.

Price is also a factors ,that everybody looks while buying hosting for their wesbite.I recommend Hostinger ,hostinger is the best fast loading hosting service provider loade with greate features with affordable price.



Hostinger ,hostinger is the best fast loading hosting service provider loade with greate features with affordable price.
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Theme plays an important role in your page load speed.A theme with light html coding is best for your website.Light html coding loads your website fast.

There are so many themes are available with eye-catching look.but when you check their page loading time,then it will disappoinment you.

After so many research I found Affiliate booster theme.A theme which is wordpress optimized and schema optimized with effordable price.You just the page load speed of my web page

Affiliate booster theme is highly recommended wordpress theme.we use affiliate booster theme for this website.If you want seriously to make money through blogging and affiliate marketing,then I suggest go for paid plan.In paid plan you will get so many feature which will help you to make your website eye catching and also get lot’s of powerfull afiiliate plugins.

Affiliate booster theme


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3-Minify images

There are several plugins available in can also do it manually by using different image editors.

Hostinger provides inbuild image optimizer in their hosting.I f you choose hostinger ,then you need not to install any extra pluagin for image optimization.

But plugins made your work easy.It will optimize your image automatically once you active those plugins.

Here are top 5 image minify plugins


2-EWW image optimizer

3-Image optimization & Lazy Load by Optimole


5-Wp compress

4-Minify videos

Here also so many plugins are available to minify your videos.No need to waste time to complress your videos.

video minify plugins

1-Lazy load for videos

2-Smart video

5-Web caching plugin

caching increases your website quality.Hostinger provides inbuild caching in therir hosting.So If you choose hostinger as your hosting then you need not to install any caching pluging for your wordpress website.

Do not use more than one caching pluging in your website.It will decrease your page load speed.Hostinger also provides inbuild access to cloudflare super page cache.

Web caching helps in minifing java scripts,HTML and defere CSS and js etc.

Best 5 caching plugings

1-cloudflare super page cache

2-W3 total cache

3-light speed cache

4-WP fatest cache



Hope this article will help you in increasing your page load speed.How good your content is,if your page load speed is not good,you will not conert your visitors in to your customer.
So focus hard to increase your page load speed.
Remeber your hosting and theme palys 80% role in your page speed optimization jounery.
If you ask my suggestion then.
If you have any query then feel free to contact me.