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How Cloud Storages are making World a better place?

Cloud storage provides a new level of Security for your data.In case of your hard drive Crash cloud storage provides backup of your data.

Now a days every body uses gmail,and gmail itself a cloud stoarge where your contact saves.You can access your all contact details by login into your  gmail account in any devices.

Nobady wants to put a Physical hard drive to store data.If i will give my own example,recently we had completed Kashmir trip and all the photos we captured are shared in google photos and  everybody(Group member) can excess those photos with their mobile in same time. 

By seeing below images you really thing how really  cloud staorage is going to make world a better place.

Its only a small exapmle,by reading this full article you will know how cloud stoarge makes our life easier.

Why Cloud Storage is important in today’s world?

Before explaining why cloud storage is important in modern world i have to ask some question for you.

Q-Are you want to access your photos or personal data from any where(With out Pen drive, or hard disk) in the world  through internet .

If your Answer is Yes, Then you welcome to era of Cloud storage.

Advantages of Cloud storage :-

  • You can Store Data like Movie, Software ,Music, photos in cloud
  • You can access them from any where through internet.
  • No virus Threats.
  • Cost saving and no need of any physical Storage .
  • You can Share your data with your friends over internet any time and any where.
  • Cloud storage  acts like a diaster recovery system,it will help you to restore all the data from cloud when your syetm dies or harddrive crashes.

What is cloud Storage?

Cloud storage simply means a data center where your data will be stored and have access to manage those data online.

There are several cloud storage service providers like Google ,Icloud,Pdrive,Sync,Onedrive(Microsoft)

List of Best Cloud Storage Provider Now a days

1-Google Drive

Google provides free storage  15 GB for all.Googke drive provides different apps like google photo,google Doc,Goggle sheet,Google slides.

It also allows to connect different app with google drive.for example you can connect  mailchimp account  to your google Sheet.

Sign up for google Drive

2-P Cloud

pCloud Premium

P cloud provides Free storage of 10 GB for all new user with user frindly functions.Here You will get an rewind feature which helps you to get older version of any file/folder up to 15 days ago.

but if you want to rewind your 3 month previous datathen you have buy and Add on which costs $39.

Pcloud provides automatic sync and slective sync option of your folder.

for an example if you create a folder in Your laptop then it will atumaticaaly sync  to your Pcloud storage.

Pcloud supprt in all device such as windows,android,ios,linux,maxos etc

You will get Backup facility of your social media account suc as facebook,instagram ,google drive,dropbox  etc.

if your account deleted unfortunately ,then you will get back form Pcloud.

You will Link share option ,where you can share your folder link to your friend or any Pcloud user.

If we talk about Security Pcloud provides “AES256Bit 2FA google Authonticator“.Pcloud provides Zero Knowledge Encryption which means only and only you have rights to access the data. 

you have pay to avail this Pcloud Crypto facility.

Pros of Pcloud:-

1-Life time Option


3-good sharing option

4-Rewind feature

5-Social media backup

6-Good Security

Cons of Pcloud:-

1- You can not edit document directly here

2-High Add on 

At the end Pcloud is good for Indian user and valur for money.if you want an alround cloud storage provider then Go for Pcloud.

pCloud Premium

Visit pCLoud


IDrive provide 5GB Free back up for multiple number of computers with a single IDrive account.By default IDrive create a floder for every device you provides unlimited data access from anywhere and can share file also.

I we talk about Security Idrive provides 256-bit AES encryption on file tranfer and storage.It also provides Zero knowlegde encryption for their user.

iDrive  provides Continues Data Protection(CDP) but it is not a rplacement for external storage.

CDP runs in real time if you set timing by enabling CDP.

CDP recognizes the changes made in  file and starts back up in real time.

Link your Device with iDrive it automatically sync files in real time.You can also share syc files and folders with your friends.


Onedrive provides 5GB of Free Cloud storage for their user.Onedrive provides features like document scanning,online photo storage,pc folder back up.

If you talk about Security ,you can secure file with your fingerprint, face lock and Sms code.

You can directly scan your file to your personal Vault.Personal volt automatically relock your files after a small period of inactivity of your accout and to open those file it requires authontication to open.

For Free user Onedrive provides space for 32000 photos of size 9MP.In premium plan you will get Apps such as Outlook,Excel,word,and powerpoint with cloud staorage.

On premium plan you can share Files and folders security with time limit access.Microsoft 365 provides alert in ransomeware attacks and helps you to restore the data.


Icedrive established in 2019 and belongs to Uk.Icedrive cloud staorage is a privacy oriented company.

You will get high speed in both  upload and download.You will get zero knowledge encryption in all Paid plans.You will get a separate folder for encrypted file in your Dashboard.

you will not get sync option in icederive cloud storage but in mobile you will get sync option for photos and have to drag a drop.

If we talk about sharing feature,you can share links but can’t share lonk for sharing feature Pcloud is better than Icedrive.

You can’t edit doucuments direclty in webversion of Icedrive.

If we talk about  price plan,there are 3 plans i.e monthly,yearly,lifetime.

In monthly plan you olny get PRO and PRO+,but in yearly and lifetime you will get Lite,pro and pro+.

You will get a Massive saving in lifetime plan.

Hope this article helped you to gain your knowledge on cloud storage.

Now it’s my turn to hear from you how this article will help you.

Feel free to contact me if you have any query!