Hostinger review

Hostinger is currently having above 29 million active users across the globe. Hostinger is currently providing it’s services around 178 country.

Now a days hostinger is the most reliable and cheap hosting service proider in all overworld if we compare to other hosting provider.

Everyone wants to choose a best webhosting service for their website because hosting plays an improtant role to grow your website.your webiste’s up time,speed,security is totally depend on your hosting provider.

Hostinger review:-For WordPress site


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    Hostinger is a cheap and relaible hosting now a days.Hostinger ensures customer satifaction,good service with cutsomable price
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    WordPress hosting,shared hosting,VPS hosting,minecraft hosting,Cybel panel vps hosting
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    Hostinger is now offering 75% off for their new user’s .

In my example ,before i have used siteground for my webiste.But believe me my website is loading too slow.I am totally fed up with this issue.I have installed so many plugins but no result had been seen.and if we talk about google ranking then website load speed is an important factor now.

Now i am using Hostinger for this website.Believe me I am fully satisfied with Hostinger and i highly recommend Hostinger to my audience .

If you are a beginner and confused at the time of choosing hosting for your website.Let’s know what is the factors that you should check.

let’s explore

  • Up time
  • Page load speed
  • security
  • customer support
  • Cloudfare protection
  • User friendly C-panel
  • single click WordPress installation
  • WordPress comand line interfcae(WP-CLI)
  • Good SSD storage
  • SSH access


  • 99.9% uptime
  • Free SSL ceritificate
  • Free domain
  • Cloudfare protection
  • 1 click WordPress installation
  • 24/7 customer support

Let’s disucss about the features that hostinger provides.

1-SSL Certificate

SSL(Secure socket layer) is very important for your website.It makes your website authentic and trustworthy.If converts HTTP to HTTPS.

While your computer is connecting to a webiste over internet,it a checks SSL certificate is available in that website or not.If SSL certificate in not avilable it will mark your website unsecure.Unsecure means you webiste can be attacked by hackers and steal your visitors data.and so many cases your webiste will not accessible.

In simple word SSL certificate protects your data as well as your visitors data.Hostinger provides free SSL certificate to their user.

SSL certificate is an important factor in google is not going to entertain unsecure websites.s

2-pageload speed

page speed load is totally depend upon your hosting and your theme.In google’s new algorithm page speed is also important for your google ranking.

You can see the performance report of my website.Ialways choose a web hosting service which server hub is near to your country or in your country.If server location is far away from your location,then your website will not propely.

For indian user hostinger server is located in singapore.It is better location for indian choose your website hosting accordingly.

I personally use hostinger and affiliatebooster theme in my website.Reseaon why i discussed about WordPress theme because theme is also an important factor in pageloadspeed.

AffiliateBooster theme

  • WordPress optimized
  • Light weight coding
  • Schema optimized
  • Ultra fast loading
  • Moblie fiendly

3-Up time

Here you can see,my website uptime is 100%,it means my website is availabe anytime on internet.

Uptime means how many time your website is online ans downtime means how many time your website is offline.If your hosting privides 98% uptime means your website is down 4.8 min in a day if your calculate monthly then it will be 144 minute.from this figure you can imagin ,howmuch business you are going to loose.

Hostinger gurantees 100% can see the proof also.

before choosing hostinger i researched a lot,because i know bad selection is going to spoil my money,time and energy.So in my exprience hostinger is best as all proofs are infront of you and i am very satisfied with hostinger.

4-24/7 customer support

Good customer support will help you in your trouble time.if you face some problem,and get instant responce then it will save your time and energy.

poor customer support is going to waste your energy,money and will loose your customer if your issue doesn’t get resolved soon.

In my example,after buying hostinger,i have faced security website doesn’t redirect http to https.but i got good responce from customer support with in 30 min my site is succesfully forced to https.

so good customer service will definitely is a factor for your busniness.

You just see ,how quick responce from hostinger.I really appreciate it.

5-Cloudfare protection

cloudfare improves security of your website.It takes your website to next level in case of security.It protects your website from attackers like squl injection.

It also increases the page load speed.Hostinger provides inbuild couldflare cofiguration in your domain.It helps in transfering data from one data center to another.If someone visiting yoyr site from USA then cloudflare will transfer the data to the nearest data center which reduces the waiting time.

Cloudfare increase the total performance of your website ,as it automatically optimize your website.It will boost your website performances.

I recenlty enable cloudflare in my domain name and beleive me my website loading fastly after activation of cloudflare.

Before structure score was 84 and permance score was 94.Now see how performance score and structure score is increased.

6-User friendly C-panel

User friendly c- panel will save your time and energy both.If your c panel is complicated then it is not good for you.

Your goal must be clear,as soon as you built your website,your have to start writing articles and plan to drive visitors to your website,not need to research in c-panel.It is possible if your hosting c panel in user friendly.

In your C panel you can manage your DNS records, SSL certificate,website back up ,website setup etc.

Hostinger also provides tutorials regarding c panel for their users.Hostinger helps their useres in evey step.

7-Single Click WordPress installation

single click WordPress installation means everything is inbuild ,you work is just click auto installater,then click WordPress and install.That’s it.

Just imagin ,how much your time,money,energy hostinger is saving.

No extra headache,just click and enter your WordPress need of dns server change,no DNS record required,everything is inbuilt.

That’s why hostinger is the best choice for beginner as well as professionals.

8-WP-CLI(WordPress command line interface)

If you install WP-CLI then you can manage your WordPress by the help of comand can activate ,deactivate plugins,create new post,trash posts etc.

Once you learn Wp-CLI then you will save your lot’s of time.You can access multiple site through command promot,not need to log in different sites.

Hostinger provides an article on how to install and use WP-CLI.You can go through this hostinger’s article tou can install WP-CLI.

I am not installed WP-CLI in my website,But if you have interest on it,then you can move for it.

9-Good SSD storage

SSD storage is advanced technology of storage.It improves your website performance.for example your laptop runs slow in HDD storage,but runs fatser when it has SSD storage.Same concept is applicable here.

Hostinger provides 100GB SSD storage in WordPress Stater plan.

10-SSH access

SSH ensure secure connection and used in remote comand line access.In simple word SSH is a protocol which allows multiple machines to talk each other over a network in a secure way.All the infromation are encrypted with SSH protocol.

SSH protects your data transfer from hackers.and it also increases autority of your website and makes your website trustworthy.


  • Good Uptime
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Handsome price
  • Cloudflare protection
  • 1 click wordPress installation
  • 24/7 support system
now $2.99/m
Save 80%

Is hostinger is safe and legit?


Abosolutely yes.hostinger is safe and legit.

Is hostinger good for WordPress?

Definitely yes.Hostinge provides WordPress hosting for WordPress.

Which is better hostinger or godaddy?

In my exprience Hostinger.because i personally use and i have a good exprience with hostinger.
Why hostinger?
1-Price is low as compare to godady
2-Hostinger provides Free SSL but godaddy don’t.
3-Good customer service