Digital marketing job roles

Now digital marketing is in trend as everyone were locked himself in their house due to covid pandemic and scope of digital marketing is increased exponetially.Everyone wants to earn money by working in their home and searching work from home jobs.There are somany digital marketing job roles ,where you can apply.

Digital marketing is a board industry, and i don’t want to bind digital marketing with limitation.Digital marketing has so many module like SEO,email marketing,Social media marketing,content marketing etc.Each module is a digital marketing job roles.If you are expert is seo then you can apply for seo manager job role

Digital marketing is a form of marketing where we sale our product through digital medium.To be an digital marketing expert ,you need to expert in SEO,Email marketing,content marketing,social media marketing etc.

How digital marketing is a board industry?

There so many modules in digital marketing.Modules like seo,smm,Email marketing,Content marketing,Google ads,Facebooks ads etc

Here i am going to discuss about SEO(Search engine optimiztion).

Simply SEO means driving organic traffic to your website.In seo there are so many modules like technical seo,On page seo and off page seo.To be an seo expert you have to learn on page seo and off page seo.

Here you can see the numbers of factors where you have to workout to become seo expert.similarly in every module of digital marketing there are different types of factors.That’s why digital marketing is board industry,here you can get job like seo expert,SMM expert,content marketing expert,email marketing expert etc.

For more Seo knowledge you must visit SEO-the beginners’s guide

Now a days ,due to lockdown every small busniess wants to sell their product in online.For this they need digital marketing expert who can sell their product in online platform.

So the scope of digital marketing is hight increased.

Let’s Discuss digital marketing job roles

1-Social media manager

The wholesole responsible of Social media manger is keep track on social media campaigns ,visitors behaviour on your campaign also he gives plans to his team about social media capmaigns,content quality.He also keep track on pay per click advertise,keyword amendment etc.

He also analyze the results for better performance.

Key responsibles of Social media marketing manager

  • Create social media campaign for the product of the organisation
  • Convert visitor to your customer
  • keep track on PPC,visitors behaviour,quality of content,keywords etc
  • Need to execute paid campaigns with proper planning
  • Should have sound knowledge on diffrent social media platforms like facebook,Pinterest,instagram,linkedin,quora.
  • Must have brand awarness knowledge.Because your organisation brand is totally depend on you.
  • Need to develop new ideas for product promotion
  • Alway have to maintain customer relation in social media.need to answer all the query’s asked by cutsomer/visitor

2-SEO Executive

The responsibility of seo manager is to drive visitors to their website and also to rank that website in google search engine.He should have sound knowledge on technical seo,on page seo and off page seo.

The main resposiblity of seo manager is to drive customer and to rank that website in google.

Key responsibles of SEO manager

  • Proper keyword research knowledge
  • Should have sound knowledge on diffrent types of SEO tools like Semrush,ubersuggest,ahref
  • Review techincal and on page seo and if issue found ,need to fix it
  • Need to keep Website load speed always high
  • Should keep track on visitors and their behaviour
  • Need to build high quality backlinks

3-Content writer

Content is a the king of digital marketing,with out content nothing is possible in digital a content writer you need to deliver quality,relevant content to their visitors.Quality content will increase your revenue,brand awarnness,leads etc.

You content will convert your visitors to become your the content writer job role is in high demand.

Key responsible of content writer

  • Need to write scripts fro video campaigns,social media campaigns etc
  • Should provide scripts with proper guideline with in SLA.
  • Need to write content according to the given concept.
  • Must do keyword research w.r to your content
  • Always do research on different types of business capmaigns and theire quality of content
  • your content must have plagiarism free.

4-Digital marketing Executive

In this job role you have to deals with clients and to market their products on internet.He must have sound knowlegde on SMM,SEO,google ads,facebooka ads to market client’s product effectively.

Your main resposibility is to drive customer for your client’s product.

Key responsible of digital marketing executive

  • You have plan and execute all types of campaigns like smm,facebooks ads,google ads,email marketing etc to drive customer.
  • must do research on customers peresent and future demands
  • Keep track on seo,smm,google ads,email makreting campaign etc for better result.
  • you must ensure hight productivity with estimated ad budget
  • must have sound knowledge on google analytics,search cosole.

5-Search engine marketing Expert(SEM)

Search engine marketing expert will manage all paid search campaigns on google,bing etc.Here you need to manage paid search with in budget and coordinate with your seo team to drive maximum customer.You have display advertisement and track your customer in google analytics

Key responsible of SEM expert

  • you have to manage daya to day advertise campaign including campagn planning,implementation.
  • Manage paid ad campaigns with in budget.
  • you must have good knowledge to manage high budget ppc campaigns.
  • Keep change in you campign according to your customer behaviour if required.
  • You have to create diffrent campaign of your product in google ads, quora ads etc accordingly to your companies budget.


What is digital marketing jobs?

There are so many job roles in digital marketing indusrty.Job role’s like SEO expert,sem manager,social media managr,content writer etc.
Digital marketing is a board industry.also have a googd income potentional.

Enetry level digital marketing job titles.

1-Social media executive
2-content writer
3-Seo executive
4-digital marketing executive

Digital marketing job description.

Digital marketing exeutives are responsible for planning and execution digital marketing strategies.They also responsible to train their team members like seo executive,sem executive,social media marketing excutives