Digital marketing trends

Why digital marketing is now in trend?

Digital marketing trends:-Digital marketing is now booming.In current situation everybody wants to works from home.Although big companies also provides work from home facilities to their employeees.Nobody wants to go outside their home for work or to buy something.Everybody wants service in their door step.

Now a days every small business like hotels,resturants,dress shops wants to sell their service and product online.For this Digital marketing is the only solutuion for them.

Here i am giving an exapmple.Few years ago paytm lunched it’s service.At that time nobody was seroius on that servcie.But after demonitization the value of paytm increased rapidly.Every was forced to install paytm and start paying.

And now see ,everybody use phone pay ,googe pay,paytm for money transaction.Once money tranfer is the most difficult part but now it is very easy.You can transfer money with a single touch(1-2 minute time taken)

Another exapmple,When amazon was started their servcie,everybody was affraid to buy from online.but now you see amazon is the most demanding e commerce site for shopping.

This is how indian is going digitalize.So it’s high time to change ourself with respect to current situation.You can find lot’s of examples where people earn money through online(Ex-blogging,Vlogging,Digital marketing,freelancing etc)

Education sectors are also going digitalize thorugh online courses,online assesments etc.Now people are not looking for news paper ,they get information from googlea and through social media.World is going digitalize.This is why Digital marketing in now in trend and before you got out dated you have to learn digital marketing.

Let’s discuss the latest or best trends in digital marketing

1-Micro videos

Instagram reels,youtube shots are in high demand.People want short video for entertainment.Now a days there are high enaganement found in short videos.Videos like motivation,career growth,Break up retasled,love related etc.

So many people use micro videos as a promotional tool for their business.The enagement in short video is high as compare to long video.The % of youtube video streaming is increased rapidly in 2021.Below youtube video is of 63 sec and just see the number of viewer.

So my point is simple,if you want quick sucess,then just start creatting micro videos.

2-Voice content

Have you ever heard about podcast.Podcast is now on trending.The enagement of podcast listeing is increased repidly.Recenlty i was listened a postcast ,which content is based on the conversastion in between two lovers.and beleive me i had listened that podcast repeatately 3 times

In a recent survey it found that the number podcast listener is increased in 2021.Here you can see the graph regarding the increasing demand of podcast

3-E learning activity

In that pandemic ,people were addicated in digital world.Now people were interested in digital /E learning.People want to learn every from their home.So big institutes start creating their online courese for to students.

If i give my exapmple:-2 year back ,i have completed digital marketing course online.I had completed all the course through online.They just give traing by arranging a webinar.

They also provide the online videos of total course.You can access anytime to that course when ever you needed.In youtube also you see so many engagement were foud in educational videos.

Big companies and institutes use webnar as an promotional tool to sale their product.In this pandemic and post pendemic ,schools were arranging their online classess in zoom(Zoom is also user for webinars also)

As per demand of people,lot’s people are spending their time to create youtube content and at that same time people are consumeing those content.So E learing is booming now.

4-Mini webseries

Mini websieries are now growing unbeleively.People are showing less interest in 3 hr movies.They are speding their time in watching mini webseries in youtube.

People are investing time in creating content that people wants.for examples:couples goals,college life.This type of contents are moe viewes by new generations.

The more view means the more intereset of public on that specific content.

5-Interactive content

Interactive contenr has the power to sell your product.Interactive content will force viewer to stay enagage in your content

Types of Interactive content:-

  • 360 degree videos
  • AR/VR
  • shoppable posts
  • polls and qiuzes
  • user persona
  • Short videos etc


Happy Learning!!!
Digital marketing is now in trend.Every small business now a days looking for digital marketers ,to sell their product in online.The scope of digital marketing is increased high due to this pandemic.People are consuming contents in youtubes,looking for online course to get jobs.
So it’s high time to invole yourself in digital marketing for a good career.Because you can related everything is going online.what ever you want you can get it from online for example :-Food delovery,goods delivery,online course,e learning,motivation for your life etc.