Amazon associate /Amazon Affiliate  which allows website owner to publish their Amazon affiliate link in their will get commission when someone purchase product through this link.After creating your Profile in Amazon associate program,you can start promoting products that are available in Amazon website.Amazon will provide You an unique affiliate link for each product.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing:-

  • You can product thousands of products of thousand companies such as: Amazon,Cj affiliate,impact.
  • No need of shops,store for stock,no need of accounting etc.only promote and get commission.
  • You can promote affiliate link with out website but Recomend to go for a website.(Affiliate marketing through website will help you in learning Digital marketing.
  1. Build a website
  2. Create Amazon associate account
  3. Publish Affiliate link in your Website.

1-Build Website:-

You need to have an active website or blog to promote any affiliate link.The income in affiliate marketing is directly depends upon the number of  visitors to your website.The higher visitor leads to higher income.You have to promote different products by writing articles about those products in your website.

You need to Register a domain name and hosting to create a website to promote affiliate link

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How to Make Money with Affiliate marketing:-

Make a goal ,how much money you want to income in a month

For ex:-If you want 10000/month,then to reach the target in the month end you need to make money of 330/day.Means your Daily target is 330/day.

check the commission rate of product to which you are going to promote.If the commission of the product is 330/sale,then you have to sale 1 product.If the commission of the product is 125/sale then you have to make 3 sale per day to achieve your target.

There are three main steps to earn 10000/month

  1. Research about the product that will give your 330 per day.
  2. Write articles about this product and publish in your website.
  3. Make sure the number of visitors to your website must be high

2-Create an Amazon Associate account.

Join now Free.Create /log in to your existing amazon account.

You have to provide following  details while applying amazon associate

  • Your website information
  • Which of the following topic describe your business
  • What type of items to be publish in your website
  • Which type are your website
  • How do your drive Traffic to your website
  • Give how do your Utilize your website to generate income
  • How many visitor will visit to your website.

3-Publish Affiliate link in your Website

To get affiliate link of a product you simply type product name in the Search bar the click “go”

You will get Affiliate link for Trimmer.

Click on Get link

Copy the HTML link and Put those HTML link in your blog post website.

If your Are using Elemtor for Website design ,then simply Drag and drop HTML  bar where you want to put the HTML code