Blogging is the hottest industry for income.Everybody step into blogging kingdom to earn money from blogging.But only 4% people are sucessfull in blogging and rest 96% failed in blogging.

What exactly happen that 96% people were not making money in blogging where 4 % people are making thousand dollar in blogging.I have recently saw a youtube video of mr. pawan agrawal,here he was interviewing a 20 year old boy who is earning 25 lakhs thorugh blogging.I litterally scared ,firstly i don’t beleive it but once i saw the people ,i got speechless.Just go through this video.

If you want to know why this types of situation occures and what is the solution for that then please go through this post.

No doubt starting a blogging journey is very easy.You can start blogging joiurney just investing 6k to 7k by buying domain,hosting and theme.You can start your blogging by sitting in your home,no need to go anywhere.


Let’s discuss the reasons why people fail in blogging

Here i am going to discuss 5 main resaons of failing in blogging.I am going to discuss about RCA(Root cause analysis).Root cause analysis is a procees of finding the main cause of problem,so that you can work on that problem to get solution.

RCA important becasue if you can not find root cause,then your will never solve your problem.Ss let’s discuss.

1-Not writing Unique content

You have to write unique content/informative content to your users.many peoples are writting articles which are already available in google.Googel gives first priority for new/unique content.You article can rank easily in google ,as your content have no competitor.

Writing old articles which are posted already in google seems useless as higly exprinece people are availabe in search engine raking,

And it is too difficult to a beginner to compete with them.

But as a fresher you can collect existing ideas to invent new ideas.By writing articles,automatically new ideas will come into your mind.

2-Not writing for user

Your content should be problem solving in nature.You have to write for user.Remember you will earn money,when your user buy your product.If your product is not problem solving,and not usefull for your user,then you will not get any single income from blogging.

People are going to show their interest in your product ,if your product/information have that capacity to solve their problem.

Not writing for your user is also a factors in failing in blogging jounery.

3-Keep patience

Patience is the most important not only in blogging but also in your life.Blogging is not a single night journey.It is a long term process to get sucess in blogging.

Good things take time!

It is exceptional that,you wrote a blog post and suddenly you thousands of visitors reach to your website.Getting organic traffic to your webiste is a slow process.You have to work different techniques to increase your organic traffic.You have to do SEO for your website and SEO is a takes time to give result.

4-Not doing proper keyword research

Keyword research is a science.You have to understand the intent of user.Whatever else user is searching in google,you have under stand the intent behind his search.Beginner’s start writing blogs with out understanding the intent behind the keyword.

But again ,keyword research is a prcess,you have to learn it.and it will take time.You have to keep patience and educate yourself.

5-Not maintain Consistency

Have ever heard consistency and persistency wins the race.You have the main the flow of article regularly.If your wrote 10 article and thought that ,once i received traffic in my website,after that i will wirte more articles.This concept is wrong.You will never succeed in blogging if your follow this type of rule.

You have write articles regularly.There no any chance who stops walk,if you can not run then walk,even if you cant’s walk then crwal but never stop.Keep moving.

Consistency is the main key.Go through content marketing startegy article ,here you will gain knowledge on how to make startegy for your content,how to maintain the series of your content and many more.

Consistensly post unique and problem solving articles to become a sucessfull blogger.


Happy learning!!!
Hope you are not going to repeate above those mistakes in your blogging journey.
Feel free to ask me,if your have an query in your mind.Now its your trun to speak.