The magic of thinking big


Are you want to be successful in your life?

I have seen everybody wants to be sucessful in their life.But to be sucessfull you have to learn what do you mean by sucessfull.Sucessfull is not about only income money but sucess means so many worderfulls.

Success meaning:-Success means to personal prosperities.Means buying a good home,travel,vacation,financial security,Freedom from worries,fears,frustrations and failure.Sucess means self respect,continuously finding happiness,satisfaction from life

By David schwartz

The book “magic of thinking big” is a life changing book.The way David schwartz explained the power of thinking with good exapamples are really appricable.

Success is a process of doing things and mastering those things which generates success.

Let’s Discuss the 3 life Lessons from the magic of thinking big”

1-How to develop power of belief

Believe in yourself is one of the biggest thing in towords your success.In current situation lot’s of people lost their self confidence. They can’t develop self-confidence as a result mental horror developed in their mind.

So it highly necessary to develop power of believe.Because the world is lies on belief.

Let’s talk about key techniques to develop power of belief.

  • Start asking question to yourself

Be your own boss!!!I know you have already heard this word.To be successfull you have to take responsibility of yourself.

Start putting question to yourself. Take wholesome accountability of your work.Remember your mind is a thought factory.The more you crit criticize yourself in your fault the better you grow.

Be honest with yoursef in your life.Always ask question yourself.for example :Let’s assume you are an interviewer and you want to hire a manager for a company. and just ask yourself that should you deserve for that post .Automatically you will get your answer.So to be sucessfull you have to fight with yourself not with the outsider.

Always put question yorself that what is the productivity of the day.what did you do in the whole day.then only you realise where is the loop hole.

My friends this is the one of the best method which will make you a billionairery person.

  • Always think positive

Your mind is a though factory. You will get output according to the input.negative input produce negative environment and positive thought produce positive environment.

Your mind is train your mind to think positive always. Never ever put any type of negative thought in your mind.Belive me ,you have imagine how badly it will destroy don’t give chance to your mind to think negative.

Develop your thought process to find positive reason that why you can,why you will,what is it’ benefit.

Always warn your mind not think about why you can’t,why you are weak,why you fail.

For an example : Think it is a rainy day. And you have to do your work how bad that weather is?Then your thought process should be”wow how cool that weather is?It is quite enjoyable environment for work.I can enjoy rain with my work.this type attitude called postive attitude. And to be sucessfull this type of thought process is must.

In other hand who only thought about negative,then he will think ,weather is very bad,leave tomorrow will do it,I will get sick if go outside.this type of thought called negative thought.

  • Always Thing Big

The more big you think ,the greater your sucess.Think big is the foundation of your success.If you will not think then how will you do.the less you think ,the less you get and the more you think ,the higher you get.

So prepare your mind to make your goal big.

2-How to build confidence to destory fear?

how to destory fear

Fear means lack of confidence and knowledge.Fear is the No 1 enemy on your have to destory fear to get success.

You have destroy your before it spoils your dream.fear is the success enemy.Take action to conquer fear.Taking action against fear is the only step to defeat fear.what ever fear you have,take action agaist them.

If you are fear to come infront of camera.Then let’s start now ,take mobile camera and start saying anything whatever you want.By continuing this ,your fear will disappear and you will be expert.

Here i am providing an example and I think everybody will relate to this.

Fear of “what will people will say” Due to this fear most of people cannot pursue their dream.

For this type of the action is-“Do what you want“,Prove that your decision is correct.Remember If people will critise you then you are in right path.Every successfull person were get critised by people at their beginning time.

Don’t take word of people have to satisfy to yourself only not to the world.People bought sweet guava but after that eat those guava with salt and chilli powder.People will adivise accordingly to their knowledge.So ignore what people will say.Let’s foucus on your dream.

In every situation HOPE is a start but if you don’t take to support your hope,then it will be useless.Prepare your mind to take action quickly.

There are two main tips to reduce fear and win confidence

  • Isolate your fear.Note down your fear
  • Take action against that fear.

Action is the Brahmastra,use this weapon to destory fear

The way of thinking will decide your sucess.your mind is like a bank.You will get accordingly your deposit.what ever you think in daily basis,it automatically deposits in your mind bank.Alway think positive,and these thought were going to deposit in your mindbank.When you face some problem ,then you can withdraw thoughts related to your problem.Positive thought will provide positive information and negative thought provide negative information.

Your mind never ever crosses you up.Whatever thoughts were deposited it will give that type of thought.So make it practice to think positive always.

Two main ways to increase confidence with the help of your mind bank.

  • Deposite only positive thoughts in your mind
  • Withdraw only positive thoughts from your mind bank.

3-How to develop an understanding attitude?

Understanding attitude will increase your Confidence.Understanding attitude provides you respect and provide strength to fight in unwanted situation.

People are going to figuratively treat you bad,chop you down.If you are not ready for this type of situation then this will break your confidence into pieces.Understanding attitude increases you defence system.

Do think alway right ,or do what is good.Never ever play with ethics.Work honestly,work ethically and success will kiss your feet very soon.Honensty and ethics in work/in your life gives unlimited strength.

Where ever you are,what ever you are,never ever play with ethics,norms and will destroy you

Develop your attitude in that way that your anger is controlled by you only not by others.You will get angry when you want.This type attitude increases your confidence level and you can put your energy in productive work.

Hold your fire in order to win every situation.You have to understand human physiology.If someone/your manager is behaving rudely for somework.At that time you have understand the meaning of that rude behaviour.Ask question yourself why he behaved like that,may be he had got some strict action from his senior or something like that.So this type action called understanding attitude.

So if you develop understanding attitude it will help you more in your life to get sucess.If you get angry in very little thing and give reaction on that,it means you are spending your energy in useless will kill your time,mental peace and many more

Holding your fire in worst situation is the sign of understanding attitude.


Happy learning!!!!
The magic of thinking Big.Just see this book covers 300 pages and in this total book the author only discuss on how to train your mind to think big/think positive.
So you can imagin , The involvement of Positive thinking in your sucess.
So Think positive/think big/dream big to get more success.
Thank you